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Marketing short, Medium, and Long-Term Car-Rental Packages to cater to the needs of corporate sector by offering customized mobility solution packages at competitive  prices,  ensuring consistent superb quality and premium service.

Whatever the customers transportation needs, Vintage is prepared to serve its customers with style. We take pride in being able to customize a transportation solution to any itinerary.

Whether you are planning a special event such as a wedding, private party, sight-seeing, shopping, or simply need transportation to or from the airport or Railway Stations, let one of our courteous and highly trained chauffeurs get you there safely, on time and with style.

Let us transform your special event into a memorable experience. Be sure to look at our special packages for our many special types of outings.

Vintage Limousine Services (Pvt) Ltd emerges as a strong Car-Rental service brand with a distinct identity of providing competitively priced mobility solution  for corporate and retail customers. Our core principal is to deliver our services with  continued commitment towards service excellence and customer orientation.



Corporate Sector

Vintage Limousine Services emerges as a strong service brand with a distinct identity of providing competitively priced mobility solution for corporate and retail customers. Our core principal is to deliver our services with continued commitment towards service excellence and customer orientation.

Marketing short, medium and long-term car rental packages to cater to the needs of corporate sector by offering customized mobility solution packages at competitive prices, ensuring consistent superb quality and premium service.

Retail Sector

Vintage Limousine Services paves way for re-defining the existing service standards in the local market. Team Vintage Limousine will always endeavor to keep all its customers satisfied by offering customized mobility solutions.

Vintage Limousine Services provides all types of vehicles to its valued customers as per their requirements with excellence, quality, and reliability through a courteous and efficient team.

Vintage Limousine Services is dedicated to developing and maintaining long-term relationship with its customers by providing them with the most reliable,safe and luxurious ground transportation services.

We offer vehicles  for special events such as wedding, private party, sight-seeing, shopping and transportation to or from the airport; let one of our courteous, highly trained chauffeurs get you there safely, on time and with style.

Executive Pick & Drop

Vintage Limousine Services offers Pick & Drop for Executives who do not wish to use or drive their own vehicles and avoid hassles of searching for car parking near their work places.

Our vehicles such as Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prado, Toyota Surf, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Suzuki Liana and Suzuki Cultus are offered at extremely attractive rates.

 Save Your Time

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Vintage Limousine Services has solutions to your needs of transportation in the following manners:

  • Airport / Railway Stations, Pick / Drop
  • Hourly and daily rental packages.
  • Short, medium, and long term rental packages.
  • Out Station


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Start (Normal Tariff) 250.00 Rs.
1km (Normal Tariff) 25.00 Rs.
1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) 300.00 Rs

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We are proud to provide both will call and scheduled service.

  •  Always wear your seat belt–and make sure all passengers are buckle up, too.
  • Adjust your car’s headrest to a height behind your head–not your neck–to minimize whiplash in case you’re in an accident.
  • Never try to fit more people in the car than you have seat belts for them to use.
  • Obey the speed limits, Going too fast gives you less time to stop or react. Excess speed is one of the main causes of teenage accidents.
  • Don’t run red lights.
  • Use turn signals to indicate your intention to turn or to change lanes. Turn it on to give the cars behind you enough time to react before you take the action. Also, make sure the signals turns off after you’ve completed the action.
  • When light turns green, make sure intersection clears before you go.
  • Don’t drive like you own the road; drive like you own the car.
  • Make sure your windshield is clean. At sun rise and sun set, light reflecting off your dirty windshield can momentarily blind you from seeing what’s going on.
  • Don’t blast the radio. You might miss hearing a siren or a horn that could warn you of possible trouble.
  • Make sure your garage door is completely open before backing out of it. This was submitted by another teen who learned this one from his dad’s mistakes.
  • Use headlights during daylight driving, especially on long stretches of desert highway and rural roads to make you more visible to oncoming drivers.
  • Watch out for potholes, especially after bad weather
  • Drive into your garage straight, not on an angle.
  • Make sure your car has fuel in it. Don’t ride around with the gauge on empty–who knows where you might get stranded.
  • Don’t take drugs or drive if you’ve taken any. Don’t ride with anyone who has been using drugs. Even some over the counter drugs can make you drowsy. Check label for warnings.
  • Don’t drive with small children or even small teenage friends as passengers in a front seat that has a passenger-side air bag. They should be buckled up in the back seat. Recent transportation studies show that small children may be injured by the air bags even in low impact collisions. (Actually, it’s safer not to drive with friends and kids in the car when you’re learning to drive. They can be distracting.)
  • Don’t talk on the car phone, put on make-up, comb your hair, or eat while driving. People who talk on car phones while driving are four times more likely to have an accident. If you need to make a call, pull off the road to a safe spot and park.
  • Don’t fiddle with the radio while you are driving. It’s better to wait until you can pull over and stop because even taking your focus off the road for a few seconds could lead to an accident.
  • Use good quality tires and make sure they are inflated to the right pressure (check your owners manual for what is right for your tires and car).
  • Maintain your car. Bald tires, a slipping transmission, or a hesitant engine could lead to accidents.
  • Be on the lookout for motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians
  • When driving to a new place, get complete directions before you go. Figure out what exits you need to take before hand.


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